Rey Drek
Rey Drek
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: 12 March 2358
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Height: 1.85 m m
Weight: 90.7 kg kg
Affiliation: Starfleet
Assignment(s): First Officer
Stationed: USS Federation (NCC-73838)
Occupation: Starfleet Officer
Rank: Commander
Insignia: 2373 - CDR (Command)
Mother: Valerie Drek
Father: Martin Drek
Siblings: Harry Drek
Kim Drek

Lieutenant Commander Rey Drek was Security chief on the USS Avenger (NCC-75461). His 10 years of Starfleet service have been exemplified by his ability to adapt. (Star Trek Crusader)

Biography Edit

Was born and raised on Tycho City, Rey only been to Earth several times in his youth. In 2570, he once walked the Lunar surface in an authentic moon walk suit he designed from records from the late 20th Century. In 2374 he was invited to Starfleet Academy. His parents were against his decision to go. He showed a high aptitude for piloting, as well as Combat. He posted on the USS Merrimack in 2376 as an Helms Officer. He served until 2379 when he requested a transfer to the USS Expedition (NCC-72677). His arrival was well receipted, as he requested training on the Excalibur-103. By 2381, he had his own fighter as well. In 2384, he would aid CommanderAshley Morgan lay 300 mines to prevent the Hirogen access to Deep space 10. The destruction of the Expedition in 2386, Rey went to Starbase 140 to become a fighter pilot with the 101st Fighter Wing. With a request from Vice Admiral Ashley Morgan in 2387, he became Security officer on the USS Federation (NCC-73838). In 2389 he transferred to the USS Avenger (NCC-75461). Later that year he help coordinate the defending fleet from Operations at Starbase 140. In 2390 he was chosen as First Officer on the USS Federation (NCC-73838)

Service Jacket Edit

  • 2373 - ENS (Command)USS Merrimac 2376-2379
  • 2373 - LTJG (Operations) USS Expedition (NCC-76277) 2379-2384
  • 2373 - LT (Operations) USS Expedition (NCC-76277) 2384-2388
  • 2373 - LCDR (Operations) USS Federation (NCC-73838) 2388-2390
  • 2373 - CDR (Command) USS Federation (NCC-73838) 2390-

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